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September 22, 2023

Garden on the Wall® Wins Twice in Next Work Environment Competition

Fairfield, NJ – Garden on the Wall (GOTW) announced today that two of the firm’s installations were part of workplace interior designs that won awards in the prestigious Next Work Environment 2023 Competition by Work Design Magazine. GOTW worked with interior design firms Nelson Worldwide and Arcadis respectively on the award-winning workplace designs, integrating their biophilic creations to the indoor environments.

“We are thrilled with the Next Work Environment awards,” said GOTW’s Mine Hisim Founder & Managing Partner. “Creating sanctuaries, rest and recharge zones, and inspiring collaboration or break areas for workplaces is one of our specialties, and is becoming a dedicated focus of our endeavors,” continued Hisim. The firm has to date installed gardens in over 1,500 workplaces nationwide. “Recognition of the desirability of our high-quality, all-natural biophilic installations in modern workplaces is a testament not only to our expertise, but also to the importance employers are placing on creating more mindful workplaces for the benefit of employees and overall productivity.”

Winning an award in the Human Sustainability category is GOTW’s installation at a confidential insurance company in Atlanta, GA, designed by Nelson Worldwide. Contributing to the interior design firm’s goal of elevating the human experience at this workplace, GOTW’s installation in the break area high above the city streets add biophilic excitement and interest, transforming a column into a pillar of preserved greenery, using moss and forest species with dashes of colorful floral foliage. The garden enables hardworking employees to relax, rejuvenate, and find inspiration. “We are so pleased to be a part of this win in the Human Sustainability category,” said Hisim, “as it represents recognition of our firm’s ethos. From quiet sanctuaries and focused work spaces, energizing collaboration zones, and attractive break areas like this one, our installations augment the human-centered workplace objective,” said Hisim, “contributing to the focus on wellness and connectivity.”

The firm’s installation in the Appian workplace in McLean, VA, designed by Arcadis, won Honorable Mention in the competition. GOTW’s garden is the centerpiece of the break area, an arboreal tribute to nature and the lush greenscape outside the windows. Capping a natural wood column that mimics a large tree trunk, GOTW’s lush, biodiverse garden of forest, fern, and moss species seamlessly integrated into the custom millwork furthers the tree motif, adding texture and greenery to the woodwork. “This serves as the springboard for the attractive, curved wood and acrylic freeform branches that span the ceiling. The effect is avant garde, but natural just the same, and inclusive, welcoming, and warming. These emotional reactions are what we strive for in workplace designs,” said Hisim.

Sustainability is a big part of GOTW’s ethos and a steadfast commitment for every garden they create and install. The firm’s unmatched safety and sustainability credentials, unparalleled visual and longevity standards, and pioneering work in the world of neuroarchitecture similarly contribute to GOTW’s pioneering position in bioiphillic installations in the workplace.


About Garden on the Wall

Garden on the Wall® is an award-winning provider of turn-key, maintenance-free garden installations created with all natural preserved plants. Our gardens require no water, sunlight, or soil and retain their vibrant look for 10-15 years. Our gardens are the idyllic fulfilment of biophilic aspirations for any interior space.


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