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Biophilic Helix Unites Science & The Art of Preserved Nature

Garden on the Wall® created a triplet framed garden installation that harnesses biodiversity in stunning colors to depict the DNA strands that bring beauty, diversity, and color to human life. In this break room at the headquarters of this innovative biopharma company undertaking remarkable work in immunotherapy, GOTW’s installation inspires employees with its artistic flair and scientific motif. The garden’s multi-hued DNA helix incorporates moss and flower foliage placed over a Flat Moss canvas for contrast, with forest species embellishing the composition.

Micro-mossing with great attention to detail, using GOTW’s painstaking fabrication and installation techniques, enables the most artful and complex designs to come to life, without visible seams or edges. GOTW works hand in hand with architects and interior designers to ensure that their creative visions are realized, biophilically.

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