Project Details

Wellness Begins with Biophilia! As the mantra for YO1 holistic wellness center reads, Your Journey to a Healthier Life Begins Here. As such, GOTW’s expansive wall garden is perfectly at home at YO1 in Upstate NY – both philosophically and botanically! GOTW’s calming, restorative garden sets a peaceful tone in the lounge, while reflecting the vistas of uninterrupted greenery visitors see out of nearly every window. With a sprawling canvas of mosses, a dazzling variety of foliage, and dashes of orange helichrysum disomi berries, GOTW’s garden is a biophilic microcosm of the natural world right outside the doorway. In the calming presence of preserved nature, what better way to begin your journey to health and the discovery of a more natural way of living.

Wall Garden Elements/Foliage Selection

Eucalyptus, Forest, Ferns and Flower Foliage species over a Flat Moss canvas


Monticello, NY



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