Project Details

Biophilia Makes this Workplace the Ultimate Destination! The HQ for TripAdvisor, one of the leading global online travel companies, is a dream destination in itself. GOTW’s garden installations span 3 floors in this soaring atrium space known as the TA Forum, creating an outdoors-indoors setting that is just as Instagram-worthy as many of TA’s dream trips. Employing a stunning variety of moss, fern, and floral species, GOTW’s all-natural gardens provide a lush, vivid green backdrop, as well as contribute to noise reduction – which is essential in such a large atrium space like this. GOTW’s gardens work in harmony with the faux sky panels, creating a breathtaking environment to enjoy, with green gardens and sunny blue skies year-round. In this captivating atrium, employees can soar without leaving the building or using vacation days.

Wall Garden Elements/Foliage Selection

Eucalyptus, Forest, Ferns and Flower Foliage over a Flat Moss canvas


Needham, MA



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