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The Three Pillars of Biophilia! We could say that the three pillars of biophilia are: Natural, Sustainable, and Enduring. We could also say that GOTW’s three column installations at this modern, chic residential complex in Minnesota are biophilic pillars as well. This charming and bountiful display of biodiversity welcomes occupants and guests in the lobby space. Set into the wood paneling and creating an intriguing divider wall, these all-natural gardens feature lush forest species and moss combinations to provide a connection to outdoor nature – which, in Minnesota, is not green all year-round, like our gardens! It’s easy to see why biophilia is fast becoming the most talked about resident in this modern abode!

Wall Garden Elements/Foliage Selection

Forest, Ferns and Eucalyptus species over a Flat Moss canvas


Minnetonka, MN



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