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Immerse yourself in a captivating symphony of nature and architectural elegance at Park Avenue Plaza, New York City's iconic glass-walled atrium lobby. Witness the metamorphosis of this expansive space as it embraces a biophilic oasis, seamlessly weaving together vertical gardens and sophistication. Here, tranquility finds its perfect harmony as a grand piano gracefully resonates amidst the ethereal ambiance of abundant natural light. The lush greenery enfolds the surroundings, warmly welcoming occupants during their daily commute, encouraging a profound connection with nature. Step into this captivating sanctuary, where serenity is nurtured, fatigue dissolves, and weary souls find respite. Discover a haven that revitalizes and inspires, inviting you to unwind, reenergize, and rediscover the harmony of being in tune with the natural world.

Wall Garden Elements/Foliage Selection

Moss Species


New York, NY



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