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The Benefits of Preserved Nature – Indoors and Outdoors! GOTW and the National Park Foundation are all about preserving nature. GOTW, with its impeccable sustainability credentials, uses preserved natural plant life to create its stunning gardens; the NPF, on the other hand, is tasked with helping preserve over 400 national parks around the country. So it’s appropriate that their Washington, DC offices feature this stunning all-natural garden installation by GOTW. Set into the custom rough-hewn millwork and perfectly paired with the mountain silhouette cutout on the reception desk, GOTW’s garden is right at home in this nature-inspired interior design. Featuring forest, eucalyptus, and fern species and over a moss canvas with varying textures and colors, this all-natural display mimics the endless miles of forest preserved by the NPF for the enjoyment of millions.

Wall Garden Elements/Foliage Selection

Forest and Fern species over a Flat and Ball Moss canvas


Washington, DC



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