Project Details

Garden on the Wall's Largest and Tallest Gardens Enliven the Newark Renaissance! GOTW installed its largest and tallest indoor gardens to date in the historic Ironside building in Newark, NJ, which is transformed into a modern, connected office space for Fortune 500 companies. Featuring 10 species of plants, from mosses and ferns to eucalyptus and flower foliage, the gardens are a vertical park in the grand space. GOTW brought even more greenery to the interior with planter inserts on the staircase, featuring ivy integrated into the millwork and railing, climbing to the top of the vaulted atrium. It’s a stairway to biophilic heaven!

Wall Garden Elements/Foliage Selection

Eucalyptus, Forest, Ferns and Flower Foliage species over a Flat Moss canvas


Newark, NJ



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