Project Details

Biophilia Helps Create a New Way of Working! This global technology company is talking about a new way of working, with the activity based workplace concept. Unassigned seating, collaboration and recreation spaces, and design elements that spark interest are the keys to this concept – and that’s where GOTW comes in. The interior designers have created an ‘elevated industrial’ style workplace that stimulates the mind through eye-catching, though-provoking elements, such as GOTW’s lush garden installation. This texture-rich, deep, lush garden employs a broad diversity of ferns, eucalyptus, and forest species to add warmth and dimension to the space. As such, this break area is transformed by all-natural elements into a relaxing, rejuvenating space that inspires the mind and stokes creativity. Now that’s a new way of working!

Wall Garden Elements/Foliage Selection

Eucalyptus, Forest, Ferns and Flower Foliage species over a Flat Moss canvas


Annapolis Junction, MD



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