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Cheers to Biophilia, Biodiversity, & Bubbly! In the trendy downtown Manhattan offices of this renowned champagne house, there's a stylish lounge situated high above the bustling streets. Enhancing the ambiance, an exquisite framed installation by GOTW showcases a variety of forest and moss species, bringing a touch of greenery to the space. This inviting garden provides a tranquil escape for employees and privileged guests to indulge in top-notch champagne while immersing themselves in the wonders of biophilia. Whether it's unwinding or celebrating, this setting is absolutely perfect. Just as champagne adds sparkle to life, nurturing our connection with nature through biophilia is equally vital for rejuvenating the soul.

Wall Garden Elements/Foliage Selection

Forest and Fern species over a Flat and Ball Moss canvas


New York, NY



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