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Today’s Special is Biophilia, with a Side of Charity! GOTW’s attractive garden panels adorn the walk-up counter and open kitchen area of this new restaurant in Atlanta, GA that also serves up a good cause. Slabtown Public House is a new restaurant geared toward the diversity and vibrancy of the Eastside Beltline neighborhood, and is also the home base of the founder’s charitable meal program. As appetizing as the dishes on the menu, GOTW’s garden panels feature biodiversity at its best, with fern, forest, moss, and flower foliage species in bursts of all-natural color. When biophilia, charity, diversity, and top-notch food come together in a charming, well-designed space, it’s a recipe for success.

Wall Garden Elements/Foliage Selection

Flower Foliage, Ferns and Moss Species


Atlanta, GA



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