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Garden on the Wall® Set to Take Flight at Nashville International Airport

March 21, 2023

GOTW Declare Label

Garden on the Wall® has now Declare Label

Fairfield, NJ – Garden on the Wall (GOTW) announced today that the firm’s biophilic installations are offered with Declare label, a platform for sharing and finding healthy building products.

GOTW’s commitment to sustainability and numerous 3rd party certifications and credentials have enabled the firm to achieve the ‘green’ benchmarks required for the Declare label. “More and more architects and designers are using Declare in their search for min

dful building materials,” says GOTW’s Mine Hisim, Managing Partner. “Demand from clients and even pull-through from occupants for sustainable structures and interiors is revolutionizing the industry. We are thrilled to be a big part of this movement, and a perfect representation of the ‘green’ mindset.  Having Declare label makes it easier for architects and designers to specify GOTW with trust and confidence.”

Accessible on a free database used by leading designers, real estate owners, and conscientious homeowners, Declare label is a powerful resource to specify products that are vetted and certified to meet certain green benchmarks, enabling the creation of buildings that support human and environmental health.

About Garden on the Wall

Garden on the Wall® is an award-winning provider of turn-key, maintenance-free garden installations created with all natural preserved plants. Our gardens require no water, sunlight, or soil and retain their vibrant look for 10-15 years. Our gardens are the idyllic fulfillment of biophilic aspirations for any interior space.


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