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June 24, 2024

Garden on the Wall® Takes Home Best of NeoCon Silver Award!

Fairfield, NJ – Garden on the Wall (GOTW) announced that the firm has won a Best of NeoCon 2024 Silver Award in the Interior Products & Solutions – Surfacing Materials & Finishes category. Presented to the company for its exhibit at the NeoCon 2024 tradeshow at The Mart in Chicago, Illinois earlier this month, the award recognizes exhibits for their quality, visual appeal, and resonance in the interior design industry. GOTW’s winning exhibit featured the firm’s all-new, custom ‘Rock-scape’ garden, depicting nature’s rock formations and flora in a dimensional and realistic form.

“NeoCon is such an important show for us, and the perfect venue to showcase our skills, artistry, and capabilities.”” said GOTW’s Mine Hisim, Managing Partner, “It’s known as the nexus of the global commercial interior design industry and one that bridges the east and west coasts, connecting everyone with the Midwest. So, it was a great honor to have won a Best of NeoCon 2024 Silver Award for our stunning exhibit showcasing biomimicry, the latest frontier in our garden designs.”

GOTW’s winning entry, titled “Immersive Biophilic Garden by GOTW – Biomimicry at its best”, was a custom rock-scape installation conceived as a multi-sensory exploration of nature’s artistry, designed to mimic the essence of the earth and transport indoor viewers to the outdoor world. According to Hisim, it was inspired by rock formations and flora found while on a hike in Cappadocia Turkey. “Such was the power of experiencing nature’s beauty firsthand that we decided we had to push the envelope even further in our indoor garden designs, to bring them even closer to eliciting those transportive and emotive responses,” said Hisim.

“Our award-winning masterpiece seamlessly blends the intricacies of cliffs and boulders with the serenity of lush moss and vibrant flora,” continued Hisim. “Meticulously crafted on a three-dimensional surface, each contour tells a story, inviting you to explore the depths of nature’s elegance. The garden literally stood out and was a conceptualization and design tour de force by our talented team.”

“On the heels of this award, we look forward to pushing the envelope even further with biomimicry and continuing the many productive conversations we had at NeoCon, and sharing our biophilic dreams, inspirations, and capabilities,” continued Hisim.


About Garden on the Wall

Garden on the Wall® is an award-winning provider of turnkey, maintenance-free garden installations created with all natural preserved plants. Our gardens require no water, sunlight, or soil and retain their vibrant look for 10-15 years. Our gardens are the idyllic fulfilment of biophilic aspirations for any interior space.


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