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December 15, 2023

Garden on the Wall® Sets the Stage for ID Magazine Awards Presentations

Fairfield, NJ – Garden on the Wall (GOTW) announced today that the firm’s preserved garden creations were on display at Interior Design Magazine’s two annual awards presentation galas. GOTW was the installation sponsor of these premier events honoring accomplishments in the interior design world, and provided a unique modular garden for use at both galas.

“We were immensely proud to be a star attraction in these evenings full of interior design stars,” said GOTW’s Founder & Managing Partner, Mine Hisim. “How many pictures were taken in front of our gardens on those glamorous evenings? How many Instagram posts did we appear in? Too many to count!”

GOTW supplied a unique modular garden installation for the two Interior Design Magazine events, anchored by a common base, with the top portion modules being easily swapped out. “Looking at the Hall of Fame garden wall and the Best of Year garden wall, they are quite distinct and have different branding and feel,” said Hisim, “and yet the gardens have the same base, the same frame and overall size. Modularity makes possible a lot of exciting combinations, flexibility, and rapid change.”

“We are particularly proud of the collaborative design process we have followed with the creative team at Interior Design Magazine,” continued Hisim. “These gardens communicated to everyone that it was a collaboration that brought each of our brands to life in two different iterations, so different and yet sharing common ground. The gardens at once embody Interior Design Magazine’s clean and contemporary brand guidelines, and yet are merged with and embedded into the biophilic style envisioned by GOTW’s design team.”


ID Hall of Fame 2023 Induction Ceremony

“Providing a stunning biophilic backdrop fit to make headlines itself at the 2023 Hall of Fame Awards gala, our all-natural indoor garden made its glamorous debut in style,” said Hisim. “Using our modular swap out, the garden matched the design and color scheme for the event, with clean, flowing lines,” continued Hisim. “Located in the banquet hall and brightly lit from above, the garden shone in the space for all to see – perfect for selfies and Instagram shots.”

This dynamic yet whimsical piece was created following the firm’s painstaking design, fabrication, and installation practices, forming a tapestry of biodiversity, with preserved moss, forest, and floral species, all in their natural colors. “Red hydrangea stole the show in this garden backdrop, and makes for a perfect vertical red carpet!” said Hisim. “What better backdrop to celebrate a memorable year in the design world and the remarkable achievements that made 2023 so memorable.”


ID Best of Year 2023 Awards

To commemorate a momentous year in the design world, the Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Awards featured a bright and colorful garden installation by GOTW. Located in the grand lobby, the garden featured preserved plants in their natural colors chosen to complement the event’s color scheme and design for the 2023 Best of Year Awards. In addition to the clean flowing lines and dynamic design of moss and floral species, the garden featured biophilic light bulb representations in moss species to honor the bright ideas that came in the ID world this year – again a perfect blend of two brands collaborating to create memorable experiences.

“Our garden modularity facilitated an easy swap out for a remarkably different presentation,” said Hisim. “We achieved design continuity across the two events, and yet exciting variation in design to match the themes of the gala celebrations.”

‘Green’ in Any Color

GOTW places high value in the artistry of its gardens, but there are more considerations that go into every one of the firm’s creations – particularly sustainability aspects. “As we celebrated the marvelous creations and ideas in the design world, the community also recognized the importance of and all of our commitment to sustainability. Garden on the Wall is no different – and in fact, we’re pioneers in this space,” said John Ozturk, GOTW’s Director, Architectural Sales/Chief Sustainability Officer. Citing the firm’s unmatched 3rd party sustainability and material health credentials, Ozturk went on to note that the two gardens on display at the awards ceremonies were, just like all of the firm’s gardens, sustainably sourced, preserved, and installed, with documented material credentials every step of the way. “We at Garden on the Wall congratulate all the brilliant work in the design world this year, and especially celebrate the ‘green’ revolution in architecture and design, which adds even more importance to everything we do,” said Ozturk.


About Garden on the Wall

Garden on the Wall® is an award-winning provider of turn-key, maintenance-free garden installations created with all natural preserved plants. Our gardens require no water, sunlight, or soil and retain their vibrant look for 10-15 years. Our gardens are the idyllic fulfilment of biophilic aspirations for any interior space.


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