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Fairfield, NJ – Garden on the Wall (GOTW) announced today that one of the award-winning firm’s inspiring vertical gardens has been named a NYC&G IDA (Innovation in Design Awards)Finalist. ‘Cartography’, which was also a finalist for the NYCxDESIGN Awards, was named one of nine finalists in the Product Design category. The prestigious NYC&G IDA Awards are judged by a panel of key influencers in the design world, and are renowned for recognizing inspiring creations that break new ground. The awards will be announced at a gala ceremony in the Rainbow Room on September 19th.

“We are thrilled that ‘Cartography’ has yet again been named an awards finalist,” says GOTW’s Mine Hisim, Managing Partner. “Each of our custom designed gardens is unique and brings a positive emotional response to so many people who enjoy them. ‘Cartography’ in particular, however, has really resonated with the design world –  and we’re very proud of that.”  An ecologically inspired ‘green’ map of Lower Manhattan crafted from preserved plants, ‘Cartography’ is a showpiece of The Art of Preserved Nature®.

The Detailed Handiwork & Mapmaking Behind ‘Cartography’

“The rejuvenating aspects and sustainability of our preserved, all-natural gardens are at the heart of what we do,” continues Hisim. Created from ten different preserved fauna belonging to Eucalyptus, Forest, Flower Foliage and Moss families in GOTW’s extensive plant species library, and embedded into a Flat Moss canvas, the ‘Cartography’ garden offers remarkable color, depth, and texture. “The diversity of plant species used reflects the layered, complex, diverse nature of the city itself,” continues Hisim. “’Cartography’ is so interesting because it presents a completely alternate vision of something so familiar – a map of Manhattan – and challenges viewers to imagine a ‘green’ New York… either as it was hundreds of years ago, or how it might look in a more sustainable near-future.”

“The map was created with a CNC router for impeccable precision on the framework that houses the composition,” says Can Ozturk, CSI, Director of Architectural Sales at GOTW. “It was then modified by our fabrication team, attending to all the small details to ensure a clean, seamless integration of each plant.” GOTW’s trained Installation team then attached each prefabricated piece per design grid, followed by a painstaking Touch-up/Micro-mossing process where they scrutinize each seam and detail to ensure precise visual standards are met. “As you can see, a lot of work goes into even our smaller wall gardens,” continues Ozturk.

About Garden on the Wall

Garden on the Wall® is an award-winning provider of turn-key, maintenance-free garden installations created with all natural preserved plants. Our gardens require no water, sunlight, or soil and retain their vibrant look for 7-10 years. Our gardens are the idyllic fulfilment of biophilic aspirations for any interior space.


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