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Biophilic Flair Dresses up a Trendy Residential Building

Garden on the Wall was proud to work with designers to bring several biophilic creations to life in this trendy residential building in the suburbs of Washington DC. This upscale building features a chic, modern design to meet the expectations of the upwardly mobile, style-conscious tenants they hope to attract. That’s where GOTW’s contributions to interior design help set the tone for modern ‘green’ living and luxurious appointments. Embellished with ferns, foliage, and forest species over a Flat Moss canvas, GOTW’s rich garden provides elegance, luxury, and Instagrammable visual interest that truly set the space apart.

Found in communal areas such as the lobby and stairwell, GOTW’s rich, lush biophilic garden walls dress up the spaces GOTW’s installations feature a contemporary layout with a variety of foliage, including eucalyptus, forest, and ferns, over flat moss, providing the essence of elegance, luxury, and tranquility.

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