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United Health Group Lobby

Biophilia Reaches New Heights in a Dramatic Lobby

GOTW seamlessly integrated its dramatic Preserved Wall Garden Installations to provide a biophilic design element to the sustainable new design of United Health Group‘s offices in Minnesota. GOTW brought its gardens to new heights, reaching 25-feet from floor to ceiling and uniting two floors of an open space beside a floating staircase. The subtle, minimalistic design of GOTW’s gardens meshes with the sustainable design execution. Yet the gardens also provide relief to the edges, angles, and hard natural surfaces.

The added benefit of GOTW’s upsized gardens is an improvement in space acoustics, not to mention adding visual interest as they defy gravity on the wall. What better way to embrace the United Health Care philosophy of bringing care and wellness to others, than to imbue the space with the restorative and therapeutic effects of nature.

Project Details

vertical gardensmaintenance-free indoor garden