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Biophilia is Cropping Up in Workplaces Everywhere!

Garden on the Wall® worked alongside the interior design group, as well as the builders, to accomplish this stunning biophilic vision. What better way to symbolize the mission of this revolutionary crop science company than to feature an artful and breathtaking biophilic garden display by GOTW? At the offices of this groundbreaking company dedicated to transforming agriculture through the development of sustainable and safer crop fertilizers, GOTW’s modern, geometric garden is a large-scale, all-natural masterpiece set alongside the grand staircase for all to see, providing inspiration for employees. Featuring biodiversity at its best, with forest species and ball moss over a flat moss canvas, the garden reflects the mindset of this forward-thinking company that envisions sustainable farming for the generations to come.

The installation of this garden required many hours of detailed integration into the gilded frames set in the custom millwork. GOTW’s fabrication and installation techniques not only made this design possible but made it a fabulous success. Commanding the wall beside the open staircase, GOTW’s installation provides endless visual interest to employees.

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