The Art of Preserved Nature®

From traditional Japanese Zen gardens to Frank Lloyd Wright, flowers, plants, and other natural greenery have endlessly been appreciated and seamlessly incorporated, or juxtaposed, in design by architects for centuries. Nature outside and inside the home lifts our spirits and helps to diminish that so called ‘barrier’ that we know as which separates the indoors from outdoors to bring man closer to nature, perhaps closer to peace.

What would have Roberto Burle Marx done had he been able to adapt his lavish and unique designs indoors? Perhaps the whole concept of the indoors and outdoors would have ceased to exist entirely.

From the hanging gardens of Babylon to ivy covered university walls, we have long enjoyed plants on walls and other surfaces. The aesthetic benefits are many. Garden on the Wall® offers a wide range of plants to choose from and encourage 'Green Design' enthusiasts to integrate nature into their interior spaces as creatively as they can imagine. As Pablo Picasso once quoted: “Everything you can imagine is real”.

The unique concept, originated in Europe, is inspired by the vertical gardens of Patrick Blanc and re-interprets this area by utilizing a selection of All Natural Preserved Plants and Flowered Foliage that maintain their “fresh-cut” state, original vivid color and form – in an indoor environment – for 7-10 years!

All plants used in the creation of Garden on the Wall® elements are preserved by the use of an eco-friendly process, require no water, misting or irrigation, no sunlight or soil and no trimming or pruning.